Robert J. Fogelin/Walter Sinnott-Armstrong - Understanding Arguments [Fourth Edition]

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Conditieredelijk [hoekjes kaft stootplekjes, voorzijde kaft vouwlijntje]
Aantal pagina`s432
Uitgavejaar1991 [Fourth Edition]
Uitgegeven doorHarcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers [HBJ]
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Beschrijving boek

An Introduction to Informal Logic.

Valued for its thorough coverage and its practical, lively discussion of informal logic, Understanding Arguments, Fourth Edition, also examines Speech Act Theory, conversational implication, propositional and syllogistic logic [optional], informal judgmental heuristics, and roles particular words play in arguments.

Part One examines the linguistic nature of arguments and provides exercises and discussion questions new to this edition. Part Two is an impressive anthology of full-length, current arguments from a variety of disciplines. 

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