Dr. Thomas Gordon - Leader Effectiveness Training L.E.T.

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The Foundation for Participative Management and Employee Involvement.

Because more and more organizations are recognizing the dramatic benefits that participative management can produce, Dr. Thomas Gordon’s books takes on new importance. It spells out with clear examples precisely what managers and supervisors need to do to implement employee participation in problem-solving and decisision-making.
Leader Effectiveness Training [L.E.T.] presents a comprehensive system of leadership and procedures, plus the guidelines for determining when and how they should be used.
L.E.T. has been called the best textbook on the interpersonal leadership skills necessary for making participative management really work. In fact, it is the textbook for Dr. Gordon’s L.E.T. Workshop, widely used by major corporations throughout the U.S. and abroad. Nearly 10,000 managers and supervisors attend the L.E.T. Workshop each year.


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