Derek E. Johnson - Collector`s Guide to Militaria

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For those just starting a collection of militaria, the way often seems pitted with unforeseen and hidden traps for the unwary. Is that Brown Bess flintlock musket, supposedly dating from about 1803, all that it should be? Is that SS dagger genuine or a post-war reproduction? Or is that group of medals, apparently won during the South African wars, really such a bargain?

In Collector’s Guide to Militaria the author shares more than 25 years’ experience with the reader - experience on which he bases the guidance and advice that makes the book so valuable for the enthusiast eager to find the answers to his doubts and queries.

Not only does it contain recommended lists of items for which to search, but also a fascinating guide to fakes, reproductions and re-strikes … ways to clean, display and preserve guns, swords, medals, badges and buttons … a detailed section on Imperial and Nazi Germany … models, books, pictures and postcards … right down to casting your own military miniatures. And the Appendix contains a full list of military museums and collections.


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